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4 Strategies to Help Your Team Be More Productive

When it comes to successfully completing tasks, increasing the productivity of your team or employees is critical. When people are productive, the organization can attain its objectives. Productivity will also serve to encourage employees, enhance morale, and improve the workplace culture.

It would be best if you learned to lead effectively to assist your team in becoming more productive. As a leader, you must allow your employees to develop, make errors, and learn. It would help encourage them to collaborate to achieve a common goal. Making these minor adjustments will undoubtedly boost productivity in your team and your company.

How to improve work-life balance for employees

The following are four strategies –
  1. Set up work management tools to save time –  A set of tools that streamline work is behind a highly productive team. They spent less time writing follow-up emails and attending useless meetings. Work management software can help you improve how you communicate, prioritize projects, manage time, and cooperate on projects. As a result, team performance improves without any effort.
  • Communication tool – What is your team’s communication style? Many organizations use WhatsApp for communication, and while it works well, the service is prone to becoming clogged. Instead, use Skype or Microsoft Teams dedicated to business communication.
  • Task Management tool Setting up a program that allows you to give assignments to your employees and track their progress is critical. It’s challenging to track your employees’ development and assist them with any hurdles they encounter without one. Bitrix 24 can be used for this work, depending on how you want to assign and handle assignments.
  1. Enhance skills with routine training – Routine training is an excellent technique to improve the abilities of your personnel. It keeps them up to date on the latest industry tools and trends. But, more crucially, it boosts staff morale. You can hire a business consultant company to provide training to help them develop their business skills. Every quarter, set up two days for employee training.

To ensure a practical training session, you can schedule an evaluation to evaluate your employees’ requirements and shortcomings. If you have a small to medium-sized team, you can speak with each member individually to learn about their needs.

  1. Motivate your employees with perks – Looking at how the biggest organizations run their teams is the best method to boost team efficiency. Google and Facebook provide perks to make their employees’ lives easier. What benefits can you offer that will improve the lives of your team members? Employees at Survey Monkey have access to company-sponsored medical, dental, and vision benefits. Instacart features a yoga room where you may relax. Other employers provide benefits such as gym memberships, travel reimbursements, cheap movie tickets, and a monthly book stipend.

By implementing such incentives and employee appreciation programs, you can give your employees the peace of mind that they won’t have to worry about the essentials and can instead focus on delivering tangible outcomes at work.

  1. Limit your team to one productive meeting – Do you want to know if your company is genuinely productive? The solution is in the effectiveness of your meetings. Your team needs a productivity boost if you have several meetings throughout the week with ambiguous takeaways. Turn your meetings into your week’s most productive 30 minutes. Follow these steps:
  1. 1. Make it a stand-up meeting to keep things moving. A good meeting length is 15 to 30 minutes. By keeping it short, you may go right to the point and discuss only the most important points.
  2. 2. Set the agenda for the meeting the day before. As a result, you’ll be able to keep on track. To go right to the point, mention any problems you need to solve in the agenda.
  3. 3. If you’re having problems keeping the conversation on track, keep it focused on the goal, tasks, impediments, and deadline.
  4. Make time for serious work.

You can also set up deep work hours if staff have problems focusing on tasks. This will allow them to accomplish more in less time. Instead, set aside 3 hours for the entire team to be completely engrossed in deep work. There will be no meetings, social media, or chatter. Instead, each team member will focus exclusively on their responsibilities. Collaboration and input can take place outside those intense working hours.


If you want to create plans tailored to your staff and their working styles, you can increase their productivity by using simple and effective tactics. Asking them is the greatest method to do so. Talk to your team about how the workplace can be more productive and how their requirements and personal productivity tactics may be accommodated in the office. Acsel is a corporate consultant company that provides Business Advisory Services & training to business owners & their team members.

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