Acsel has extensive experience in both the consumer goods and retail sectors as a Retail business consulting services.


  • As a retail management consulting company we work with medium and large consumer goods companies, as well as private equity and venture capital firms on pre- and post-deal strategy.
  • Based on our experience working to address business difficulties at various points in the value chain, we have helped our clients in the region achieve significant performance improvements. We have experience with a wide range of products, including commodities, processed foods, beverages, and fresh produce.
  • We specialize in assisting businesses navigate and capitalize on market shifts brought on by tiny but well-organized local competition, the rise of organized and online retail, challenges from private labels, new production and sourcing patterns, and a demanding customer.
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Retails :

  • Food service, clothes, lifestyle products, personal care, grocery, consumer electronics, and luxury products are all part of our retail operation.
  • We enable companies to effectively respond to consumer demands while improving overall business performance in the fast-evolving world of multi-channel retail by developing customer-focused offers, reducing channel conflicts, maintaining manageable overheads, increasing supply chain efficiency, and ensuring all of this comes together at the point of sale through best-in-class customer service.
  • Our retail management consulting and implementation style ensures that we assist our clients with important project management aspects as they implement their strategy.


  • Our retail management consulting enables businesses to concentrate on where and how they can create the most long-term value. Our retail consultants all share a passion for assisting businesses in reaching their full potential and staying on the right side of disruption.
  • Our retail consulting team combines significant consulting and industry operator knowledge to deliver practical outcomes and meaningful effect for our clients.
  • We drive large-scale enterprise changes across all retail sectors, outside A&M’s deep restructuring tradition, because our clients’ needs are broader and dynamic.
  • We match interests through new commercial models since our clients deserve partners who are equally devoted to their success and joint value generation.
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What are the benefits of retail consulting Firm

As an retail consulting firm acsel have retail consulting specialists with expertise spanning the entire digital arena, and they are backed up by proprietary platforms and solutions from our speciality business. We are focused on increasing the commercial pitch, formats, omnichannel and operational capabilities needed to effectively deliver the retail strategy as consumer behaviour evolves swiftly and abruptly in today’s era of pandemic change.

  • Retail Analytics and Artificial Intelligence : Acsel integrates advanced analytics and AI with data to solve problems throughout the value chain, from ranging and pricing to customization and logistics, to help clients better exploit the power of their data and better interact with retail ecosystems.
  • Retail Strategy Across All Channels : Our omnichannel strategy design is supported by our customer-driven approach, which builds on our consumer research methodology and world-class personalization expertise. Our omnichannel retail strategy takes a holistic approach, allowing clients to assign, track, and analyze the return of their investments across all channels.
  • Cost Optimization: We addressed each cost aspect separately, resetting the foundation on a set of cost drivers to align operating expenses with the retailer’s consumer value offer, resulting in significant value for key stakeholders. In a changing retail environment, making careful decisions between cost, service, and experience is critical.
  • Impact on society: Sustainable practices and active social responsibility have risen from a side activity to a critical priority in retail operations. We work with global retailers to ensure that contributions to social and environmental goals produce economic value, such as inclusive hiring practices and reduced food waste and plastic packaging.

The retail landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years, owing to a quickly changing channel landscape, rapid swings in global and local economies, and increased consumer globalization. Our customer-centric strategy, robust analytical attitude, and commitment to working in cooperation with top management have never been more relevant in this fast-altering landscape.

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